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How to edit video with Video Editor for Mac

This step by step guide is dedicating to demonstrate how to convert, trim, combine and edit video on Mac OS X.

The tool you need is Video Editor for Mac, which you can download for free from:

Video Editor for Mac is a brand new and full-functional video editing program that enables you to edit various multimedia data, like video, audio and images. At the time when you playing video using it, you are offered an easy way to edit video by croping, trimming, adding rendering effect and even special video effects. you can also capture beautiful views form the video and store them as jpg, bmp, png. Send it to your friend as a greeting or store them as desktop background, you decide it.

Video Editor for Mac can do even more than that, it supports to convert between almost all popular video formats, and if you like the music in a video, feel free to extract the auido out and you can also put the mp3 on your media player for later on.

step 1. Download and install video editor for Mac

click here, you are supposed to download a trial version of video editor. Run videoeditorformac.dpg follow the instroduction to finish the installation.



Step 2. Run Video Editor for Mac and load video files

click Add File... to load video files, this will open a Windows explorer
, you can select the desired video that need to be converted.

Step 3: you are now ready to start the journey editing video.

click Play... among the controllers under the preview screen to play the video, this enables you to preview the change that every step makes
   a. Trim movie
if you'd like only a specific segment of the video to be converted, please go to trim interface that beneath the preview screen. you can either use your mouse to drag the two slider bars to decide the trimming length , or you can set the specific start time and end time in the little number boxes. click ok when the time setting is done.


   b. set rendering effect
please go to Effect...interface on the left top to tune the brightness, contrast and saturation, you drag the small slider bars to get the desired output effect, in order to get the finest effect, we suggest you drag the bar slowly while keep watching the change in the preview screen.
note: notice the vertical and horizontal? this offers you to watch the video in a unusual perspective or angle, very interest and special. explore it yourself.
there are more special effect waiting for you to explore, you can use old film to get out of the old feel, and use Gray to make video look gray color, and emboss can make video look like a watermark.


   c. crop the video frame
if you want to cut out unwant part like subtitle, credits and black sides, this is what it for. you can enter the specific numbers in the box to decide the part that need to be cut out, the dotted white line will show the change clearly.


Step 4. Define the destination path for the output video

click select a folder where you want to store the converted video, click open to find out where it is been stored.


Step 5. Start conversion

finally, check the make sure they are what you wanted of. click the bended arrow button to execute the conversion, the time varies with the file size and the parameters you set.