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How to Make Scrapbook on Mac?

You may have bundles of digital photos and do not know how to display them besides saving on your hard disk? Making scrapbook sounds a good idea to refresh your photos and what you need is just easy operation photo edit software. Wondershare iCollage for Mac can give you a perfect solution. With various scrapbook templates from holiday, party, and graduation to birthday, wedding and anniversary, you can become an expert for creating scrapbook.
And here comes Father's Day soon, let's make scrapbook special for our loving fathers together now!

Step 1. Launch the iCollagefor Mac

You can Free Download the Program

Create scrapbook on OSX

Then choose "Create a New Collage" to make our scrapbook.

Step 2: Choose your favorite scrapbook template

As we need to make scrapbook, we can choose template from Scrapbook Template category and there are suitable templates for Father's Day.

  Choose scrapbook template

Step 3: Add photos to the template and start editing

Resize and rotate photos

Add your family photos and some of your father's photos to the template. Use the Zoom and Rotation function to adjust the photo and frame size and position together according to your need.

 add photos to application

You can also just adjust the photo size and rotate display angle by click the photo only and drag or rotate the photo in the suitable display position. And you can also resize the photo only by adjusting the outline without changing the frame size.

Add mask to photos

add mask to photos

Click “Mask" button and add the mask to the photos. What would be best to use our heart to love our fathers? So mask the photos into heart sharp would be a great idea. Choose Heart and the photo become heart sharp.


Step 4: Output your Father's Day scrapbook

After editing, now we can output our scrapbook as image. Choose the suitable format, resolution and quality or just leave the setting as Default.

  set output settings

Now we can send this special gift to our fathers. It must be the best Father's day gift he ever had. And think about making another scrapbook? Just do it yourself this time with Wondershare iCollage for Mac, it is easy and convenient!